WTF is a VillainPros?

VillainPros is an independent record label/production company out of Athens, Ga. We are a collection of artist and athletes that use many different types of media to express our passion. The world today is riddled with false heroes who bow down and obey those in power who use lies and fear to keep the people infighting over our so called differences and keep us ignorant to their actions. We the Villains have risen up from the shadows to take back and unite the world thru understanding and love. To be a Villain is to reject the mainstream and let the art come from the soul. We are working diligently to empower the people of the world by bringing them knowledge. We live in the greatest age the planet has ever seen and we have been given the tools to make real change. A world of information is now at our fingertips and the goal of a villain is to take some of this information and convey it from our platform to the world. True consciousness is the intention of a Villain..Enlighten yourself my friends, and spread the word

Gettin it

Super villain xtc aka the lyrical crimanal animal runaway poet is in the studio hard at work on his upcoming album 'Dragon Scales'..In the meantime check out our reverb and youtube pages...If you like what you see and hear help us spread the word..Hit us with a 'Like' or 'Share' the page!

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